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Christian Schools

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Christ honoring Drama & Music Resources.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for links to our most popular dramas for Christian Schools!

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Please scroll to the bottom of this page for links to our most popular dramas for Christian Schools!

We are thrilled when Christian Schools choose wholesome dramatic material for their students.  Providing them with a drama which presents the gospel, not only develops their God-given talents, but encourages them to use those talents for God’s glory. This was one of the burdens that led to the formation of Dramatic Difference Publications. Why settle for something that will pull your students toward the world and ungodly lifestyles and philosophies? The programs we offer are fun, challenging, exciting, and most importantly, God-honoring.

The videos on this website were created by a church, not a Christian school, hence we had adults playing adult parts. However, any adult part may be successfully portrayed by a teen.  Some of these plays have also been presented by elementary school children.    Click here to see some examples! Also, any musical may be presented as just a drama without the music. The stories will still be complete.

Here are a just a few of the comments we have received from other Christian Schools.

A Light in the Darkness

Thank you so very much for writing this powerful play. It is now history for our school, but what a memorable history!  The impact is still being revealed every day as different folks report how their lives are changing.”

“The most common comments we heard. - ‘Wow! Wow! Wow!’ ”

“Our own students have matured in their faith.”

-Christian High School Drama Director

Dramatic Hymn Stories

“It went very well.  I was so happy with the material. It was a lot of fun, and the kids got a great education on hymn history, too.  Thanks so very much!”   - Christian School Drama Director (grades 1-12)

In Due Season

 "As we perfected the characters and their emotions, the interwoven messages of the play began to permeate the whole cast, transforming lives. Our prayers turned from 'help each actor to remember his lines' to 'help us to be worthy to proclaim this message,' and 'may the message of this play reach into every heart in the audience.' None of us will ever be the same." - Christian School drama coach


We’re so glad we found you!  It’s difficult to find good dramatic material. - We hear this comment all the time!

We also have lots of repeat customers. We hope you’ll be one soon!

                                   Click on the links below to be taken to                    our most popular plays for Christian Schools.

In Due Season

Redemption’s Promise

The Innocent for the Guilty

Morning Star of Truth

A Light in the Darkness

Dramatic Hymn Stories

                               A Heart for Missions                                 (great for elementary students)

We have a Civil War play that should be ready soon.  Come back again!