Sixteen year-old Jason Bar Mecaiah becomes involved in an exciting, dangerous, and soul-searching adventure that eventually leads him to the true meaning of Redemption’s Promise.

Great for teens!

Excellent message!

powerful Easter programs you will find anywhere! Our MOST POPULAR PROGRAM to date!

Comments from churches

“Biblical through and through!”    “Best Easter program we’ve ever done! Let’s do this one every Easter!” “Good programs are hard to find; this one is profound.”                         “The most amazing program I’ve ever directed!”

The story of Jesus retold in dramatic vignettes.  Covers the life of Christ through His death, resurrection, and ascension.

Please note: Although all the programs above give details about Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, they do not call for someone to actually portray Him on stage.

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Now Available, our newest Easter Musical,

“A Light in the Darkness”

 A Picture of Calvary is one of the most

Fantastic for Teens!

Redemption’s Promise

A Picture of Calvary


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